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How to refer people to the Foodbank

If you are an organisation which knows of people in the Wells area in food crisis please see below for information about how to refer to Wells Vineyard Foodbank.

image of most needed foods milk, tins etc

Become a referral agency

To become a referral agency for Wells Vineyard Foodbank please email with details of your agency.  We will be in contact to confirm details and issue foodbank vouchers.


Can you help our clients?

Our overall aim is to get people out of food poverty.  Are you an agency or charity which helps people overcome financial, social or mental difficulties?  If you would like to send us details of your services then we will provide your information to people accessing food parcels so that they can make use of your services.  Please email us at and we will be in touch.

Image of foodbank bags of food for clients

About us

The Foodbank and Furniture Storehouse are run by Wells Vineyard Church, and together comprise a charity; Wells Vineyard Christian Fellowship. The Charity's key objective is "to relieve persons who need, hardship, or aged and Wells"

In addition to food parcels, we also provide informal listening support and signposting to sources of additional support such as debt and benefits advice.

Wells Vineyard Foodbank provides emergency food parcels to local people who have a referral voucher.

We Need Your Support Today!

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