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How to help The Storehouse

The Wells Vineyard Furniture Storehouse is a vital resource for people who are in crisis and need furniture or household items. 


Please see below for how to give us furniture, donate towards our new van, or volunteer at the Storehouse.


How to donate furniture

If you have good quality furniture, household items or white goods that you would like to donate please contact The Storehouse by email at  You will need to send photographs and ideally provide rough measurements.


Our clients usually live in small homes and we are mainly interested in smaller items e.g. 2 seater sofas.  We can not take large items e.g. corner sofas & large display cabinets,  non-essential items such lamps and occasional tables or items such as used towels.

Currently, we are particularly in need of the following items:

  • double divan beds

  • washing machines

  • fridge freezers

  • cooking facilities


Help us buy a new van

Our current van is old and unreliable. We need a new van before Winter 2022 in order to continue to deliver furniture safely and securely.

We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to fund our new van.  Please click on this link to donate towards the cost of our new van.

See our film about why we need a new van on Facebook here.


Volunteer at The Storehouse

If you have regular spare time and would like to volunteer to help at the Wells Vineyard Furniture Storehouse please email us with your details at and we will be in touch.

The Furniture Storehouse provides good quality essential furniture to those in need who have been referred to us.

We Need Your Support Today!

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