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Need For Food Parcels Spirals

Updated: May 20, 2022

Wells Vineyard Foodbank is calling for urgent help to meet demand for emergency food parcels. More people than ever before are being referred to the Foodbank due to the cost-of-living crisis. Wells Vineyard Foodbank is asking people donate money now to help feed local people who are at risk of going hungry.

In 2019, 9,000 meals were distributed, but by last year this had increased to over 80,000 meals. The Foodbank is expecting demand to continue to rise steeply due to the cost-of-living crisis which is expected to affect food prices, energy costs and fuel prices. The Office for Budget Responsibility is predicting the biggest hit to household finances since 1956-7. The Institute of Fiscal Studies notes that the cost of living could rise by as much as 10%, but benefits will only rise by 3.1% this year. This will inevitably cause a significant increase in financial hardship and thereby demand for Foodbank services.

Sue Marland, Senior Pastor at Wells Vineyard Church and Manager of the Foodbank said “Demand is so high, it’s now at risk of outstripping our resources. We urgently need the community to come together and help support us, if we are going to be able to keep offering the same level of support to each person that comes through the door. We will always share all food equitably, but already we have had to make cut backs in the quality and range of the food that we offer in order to feed everyone who has come through our door. Without an increase in financial donations, it’s possible we could have to turn some people away this year.”

Sue Marland explains, “Many people are astonished to learn that we have to spend £1,500 each month on shopping to supplement the tins and packets that people put in the donation bins at Waitrose, Santander and Morrisons. We actually only get a portion of the total amount donated as some of it goes to other food banks in Somerset and that’s why we are now calling for financial donations as well as products.”

Wells Vineyard Foodbank has set up a GoFundMe appeal and is asking all community members to give what they can to help. Simply search or scan the QR code below.

People can also donate at Wookey Hub. Anyone shopping, or enjoying a cuppa in their café can simply ask to add an amount of their choice onto the Foodbank Gift Card, held by Wookey Hub. All the money raised is used by Wookey Hub to purchase products needed by the Foodbank. The products are purchased at cost prices, which helps the Foodbank’s funds to stretch even further.

Alternatively, financial donations can be made to Wells Vineyard Christian Fellowship’s HSBC account; Sort Code: 40-46-06, Acc No: 31387170. Please use “Wells Vineyard Church” as the reference.

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