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‘Pay it Forward’ - Wookey Hub's Gift Card

Updated: May 20, 2022

Wells Vineyard Foodbank and local café and village shop, Wookey Hub are asking for people to donate money to an innovative scheme which helps to provide the Foodbank with fresh fruit and vegetables and other essentials. Anyone shopping at Wookey Hub, or enjoying a cuppa in their café can simply ask to add an amount of their choice onto the Foodbank Gift Card, held by Wookey Hub. All the money raised is used by Wookey Hub to purchase products needed by the Foodbank.

Andy Childs, owner of Wookey Hub explains; “We have always wanted our business to be the Hub of the Village and to support our community in the best way we can. An important part of this is our Foodbank Gift Card, which we created at the start of the pandemic last year. Anyone can put money onto the Gift Card either when you get the bill in the shop or café, or by donating over the telephone by ringing us on 01749 672 784. All the money raised goes directly to supplies for the Foodbank and we are able to buy all the items passed on to the Foodbank at cost prices, which helps the Foodbank’s fund to stretch even further.”

Pastor Sue Marland, of Wells Vineyard Church, who co-ordinates the Foodbank said, “These funds are absolutely vital if we are to provide a balanced and healthy food box. We urgently need your help to raise more money as donations have definitely been declining over the past four months, whilst the demand for food parcels remains high. Thankfully some of our clients are back on their feet now, but many are still struggling due to the pandemic. We are also concerned that client numbers may continue to rise further as the furlough scheme is withdrawn.”

Andy adds, “When you ‘pay it forward’ by adding on a small amount to the Foodbank Gift Card, we can help provide a nutritious meal to someone in need and by working together, we can help create a better community for us all.”

As of June 2021 Wells Vineyard Foodbank has provided over 43,600 meals to local people in need and additional food for their pets. This represents a huge rise in demand compared to pre-pandemic figures, which show that 9,000 meals were distributed during 2019, and has already significantly exceeded the 39000+ meals distributed in 2020.

Sue Marland, said “So many people are facing unprecedented financial hardship as they have lost their jobs or have been on reduced salaries as part of the furlough schemes. The donations that people generously give are more essential than ever as we can only continue to help people as long as we receive support from the community. I am so grateful for how Wookey Hub and the community have stepped in, with both fresh and tinned goods. This was unexpected but so welcome.”

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